Frequently asked questions

Which product series should I use if I have normal / dry / oily / sensitive skin type?

Our Strawberry Rose Souffle is for normal & all skin types. This is the safest option to choose if your skin balances between oily and dry. Our Lavender Buttercream Macaron is for dry skin type. It contains special ingredients that help hydrate and moisturize the skin. Our Matcha Mint Truffles is for oily, sensitive & acne-prone skin type. They are made to reduce skin inflammation and reduce excess sebum.

Can men use these products or are they just for women?

Yes they are suitable for both men and women. The ingredients used have the purpose of providing the skin nourishment. It is the inside that counts, after all!

If I would like to purchase this as a gift, is there any special wrapping for it?

Yes there is. We would include a personalized birthday card (with the message provided by you), some ribbons to wrap the gift and will be delivered in a secured box packaging.

What is the appropriate age group to use these products?

Everyone is able to use these products. However, since we do not have 'anti-aging' properties in our products, some older women would prefer it with. So, it depends on the individual's preference.


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