Nudescapes is a homegrown skincare brand that caters to all skin types. Be it oily, sensitive, dry, or normal skin, Nudescapes has got you covered. With its thematic approach to skincare, Nudescapes aims to make skincare simple and accessible by turning complex skincare routines into simple baking-like procedures. Getting ready will be as easy as baking a cake! Just like every good recipe, Nudescapes does so without sacrificing a single bit of quality at all: as all of Nudescapes’ products are strictly regulated and registered under the Ministry of Health Malaysia, and were developed through a rigorous R&D process. Today, Nudescapes is proud to present a full set of skincare products comprising of facial cleansers, facial toners, clay masks, and moisturizers. All of which, are proudly made in Malaysia.


     Nudescapes’ founder, Isabelle Choo, is passionate about baking and skincare. She identified the problem in which skincare routines were often complex and unnecessarily so, making it hard for most people to take control of their own skin. Thus, she combined both of her passions to start Nudescapes. Isabelle single-handedly crafted the idea herself while completing her degree in Psychology at Monash University. She has since set the tone for the brand whilst overseeing product development. She is interested in every minute detail of the product and the business, judging it just like she would any other retail skincare brand, to ensure that Nudescapes’ clients get the best possible product delivered in the simplest way possible.


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