Lavender Buttercream Macaron Cleanser

Lavender Buttercream Macaron Cleanser


Our deep hydrating cleanser is especially beneficial for dry skin. Sodium hyaluronate is used for boosting moisturising effects and for replacing hyaluronic acid (naturally found in the dermis of the skin and reduced as a result of natural skin aging process). The other key ingredient used is PENTAVITIN Skin Bioactive to ensure instant, deep hydration that lasts for 72 hours. Together, these ingredients generate a moisture reservoir that will keep your skin hydrated and fresh.


[ 100ml ]

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    Here's a step-by-step guide to make sure you get the best out of our skincare products! 

    Step 1: Cleanser

    Step 2: Clay Mask

    Step 3: Toner

    Step 4: Moisturizer


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