Matcha Mint Truffles Cleanser

Matcha Mint Truffles Cleanser


Our gentle deep clean foam cleanser is best suited for oily and/or sensitive skin (acne-prone skin) as it reduces excess oil and controls the production of oil on your face. This beauty staple is a must-have in your beauty regime as it does not over-dry your face and is very soothing. It contains Allantoin (to smoothen skin), Witch Hazel Leaf Extract (astringents which help tighten & repair broken skin) and Sebustop UP (acne serum to keep pores clean and clear).


[ 100 ml ]

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    Here's a step-by-step guide to make sure you get the best out of our skincare products! 

    Step 1: Cleanser

    Step 2: Clay Mask

    Step 3: Toner

    Step 4: Moisturizer


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